Having worked with Rita on several projects over the years, I have found her professionalism, promptness, and follow through have exceeded my expectations.
Rita’s keen sense of business and overall contract industry experience brings great comprehensive value to any project. I would highly recommend 360 Electrical Contractors to any General Contractor for any client’s electrical needs.

Robin Johnston
Vice President

I have worked with Rita on multiple projects and her business expertise has been the defining factor in quick completions. Her diligence in moving projects along to completion has resulted in overall savings for my company. Rita is a professional person and she is always courteous and helpful. I would recommend Rita to work on any project.

Anita Herzog, CIC, AFIS
Partner, Co-Owner
Tejas American General Agency

I selected David’s firm as the electrical contractor for a new building constructed on my property in 2008. During the bidding process, David offered value-engineering ideas to reduce the project’s electrical cost. Through the course of construction, David remained involved to ensure the work was completed thoroughly, promptly, and with the utmost integrity. I recommend David as a professional in the electrical industry on which you can rely for a consistent record of performance, responsiveness, fairness and honesty. He is the type of person that will always respond to your needs.

William Milone
Property Manager
Lakeland Management Co.

I have known Dave Matula for more than fifteen years, during his tenure with Berg Electric, in the Las Vegas construction market. During that time, Berg Electric prospered and grew dramatically under Dave’s leadership to become one of Southern Nevada’s largest, non-union electrical subcontracting firms. Berg, maintained a reputation throughout Dave’s leadership as a stable, ethical and competitive electrical contractor. On a personal note, Dave is a conscientious and devout individual and I would not hesitate to engage in business dealings with him, or any firm he is associated with, in a leadership role.

Greg Korte
President, Las Vegas Division
The Korte Company

I first met Dave Matula in Las Vegas, NV in 1994 when he was running the Las Vegas office for Berg Electric. Since that time, Dave and I have collaborated on numerous successful projects. I counted on Dave because I knew he would blend cost aggressiveness with the ability to get the job done.

Just as important as Dave’s project performance was his ability to budget projects. Due to his no-nonsense ethics, Dave’s budgets were accurate and realistic. I always knew I was receiving his best and true vision of the projects’ electrical costs. In closing, I can without hesitation recommend Mr. Dave Matula as a superior electrical partner.

Ken Mitchell
Big D Pacific Builders

I have had the pleasure of working with this outstanding individual in the course of constructing several projects in Nevada most notably the Avi Resort and Casino Masterplan Expansion.

Mr Matula proved to be a remarkably competent, caring and effective leading Berg Electric’s Nevada Division. Mr. Matula’s services were always provided in a professional manner and within the predetermined time constraints which allow me to confidently recommend consideration of Mr. Matula’s firm to prospective customers for almost any construction project.

Kevin Burke
President & CEO
Burke Construction Group

David and I had the pleasure of working together in the Las Vegas market during the period 2002 through 2008. In David’s position as Regional Vice President for Bergelectric, he and I worked together on several projects. This included projects with fast-track schedules and complex construction methods; including high-rise.

I was pleased to find that he was always actively involved in the preconstruction and estimating process as well as the construction phase. He was always available if we needed his involvement. As a direct result of David’s leadership and the performance of the staff in his office, Bergelectric became one of our preferred electrical contractors in the Las Vegas market. The business relationship between our companies was greatly enhanced as a direct result of David’s professionalism and honest business approach. Through David’s attributes and leadership skills, Bergelectric became one of the largest and most respected electrical contractors in the Las Vegas market.

Additionally, David was actively involved in supporting the local construction industry organizations. I would frequently see him at AGC and NAIOP functions. Through the years, David and I developed a strong personal relationship. He is a person of character and integrity both in and out of business. I would highly recommend him as an individual that you can rely on both professionally and personally. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the electrical industry, I wouldn’t hesitate to get David involved in any of our projects that required expertise in budgeting, scheduling, and project execution of the electrical scope of work.

Randy Highland
President, California Region
McCarthy Building Companies

I have had the opportunity to work with David Matula on a professional basis for more than ten years. He served as the electrical subcontractor on several of our projects in the capacity of Division Manager and Regional Vice President.

During this time, I had a direct working relationship with David in which I would call on his assistance during the course of a project. I always found him to be highly effective and knowledgeable relative to all electrical aspects of the project. He demonstrated a technical understanding of the overall building process; including on complex projects and projects with demanding schedules. Through David’s responsiveness and professionalism, as well as performance by staff under his responsibility, his firm became one of our preferred subcontractors.

During our more than ten year business relationship, David and I have also developed a personal friendship. I recommend him as a person of character and principles as well as someone that is courteous and respectful of others while taking his responsibilities seriously.

I highly recommend David as a person of excellent skills, customer service and overall professionalism.

Paul Schmitt
Division Vice President